Coffee Alley (咖啡弄)

This popular coffee/dessert shop has expanded quite a bit over the years, with multiple locations in Taipei and now also in Hong Kong.  This western style coffee shop is known for its dessert offerings, which includes waffles, milkshakes, and the likes.  

One of its signature dessert is this cotton candy concoction.  Expresso is poured over the cotton candy poof to reveal the ice-cream underneath.  A bit gimmicky, but I was drawn to it nonetheless. 

Another one of its signature dishes is good old American waffles. Waffles is a bit of a novelty item in Taiwan.  While I didn't find the waffles here to be anything special, the locals seem to be eating it up. 

Verdict: A-.  Even though the offerings of this coffee shop are quite average, it managed to attract hipsters looking for a place to catch up with friends over western style drinks and desserts. 

Coffee Alley (咖啡弄)
台北市中正區館前路18號2樓 (multiple locations)