Lady M (Bryant Park) Boutique

After an afternoon of shopping, I stopped in at the Lady M (Bryant Park) Boutique to rest my tired feet...and to enjoy the best Mille Crêpes there is!    

The modern, all-white interior serves as the perfect backdrop for Lady M's beautiful creations.  Lady M is well-known for its Mille Crêpes, which consists of 20+ layers of paper thin crêpes sandwiched together with light pastry cream. Aside from the signature Mille Crêpes in various flavors, there are several other cakes and patisseries to choose from.  


I settled on the Green Tea Mille Crêpes, the only choice in my opinion.  I've been partial to the Green Tea flavor ever since my first bite of this Lady M creation at Sushi of Gari (my favorite Japanese restaurant) many years go. It tastes as light and airy as it looks.  Literally a little bit of heaven in each bite! 

 Green Tea Mille Crêpes

Green Tea Mille Crêpes

Given the small space, the service is fast and the tables get turned pretty efficiently.  My one grip is that the store automatically adds the tip to each bill, regardless of the party size. I haven't seen this done anywhere else in the city. It's very easy to double tip if you aren't  paying close attention to the bill. 

Lady M Boutique (multiple locations)
36 West 40th Street (Between 5th & 6th Ave.)