Le Coutume Cafe

Super excited to find a cafe that serves American-style brunch!  Brunch spots hard to come by in Paris because the Parisians don't really brunch.  But, why not?!  This may be the one tradition that the Parisians can afford to pick up from the Americans.  

Not only did the brunch pre-fix include eggs, bacon, and toast, it also came with a selection of pastries.  We are in Paris after all!  While I enjoyed my eggs and bacon, the highlight of the meal was definitely the fresh squeezed orange juice!  The last time I had OJ this good was in Morocco, where they were literally picking the oranges off the tree to make us juice!  

Verdict: AA-.  This cafe definitely has a cool hipster vibe. The brunch menu is a bit limited, with only pre-fix options, and pricey.  But since it's one of the few places in Paris that serves brunch, I am willing to overlook those minor details. Plus, the orange juice alone will have me coming back time and time again! 

Le Coutume Cafe
47 Rue de Babylone, 75007