Les Fables de la Fontaine

My first time trying Audouillette sausage!  This French specialty is made of pork intestines and and tripe.  I was a bit hesitant to try it at first because I was told that it has a very distinctive flavor and is quite an acquired taste.  

As it turned out, the dish didn't make me squeamish at all.  In fact, I thought the sausage was very tasty.  I like the chewiness of the sausage, which gave it a nice bite.  I would certainty order this dish again if I see it on the menu.

I had another French speciality Tête de cochon, literal translation "Pig's Head", as an appetizer. I have had this dish before and loved it, so I was excited to see it on the special of the day board.  Unfortunately, this Tête de cochon did not live up to expectation.  Too gelatinous and not enough substance.  

Verdict:  A+. I like that the restaurant is open and airy.  I especially love the large outdoor patio, which is perfect for alfresco dining in the summer months.  Since the restaurant is quite established on the tourist path, I find it to be a bit too touristy.  The upside of a restaurant catering to tourists is that it's open on Sundays, when the rest of Paris is shut down!

Hours: Open everyday 1230pm - 230pm and 730pm - 10:30pm  

Les Fables de la Fontaine
131 rue Saint Dominique 75007